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Subject[PATCH 000 of 14] knfsd: Introduction
The following series of patches changes the code for lookup up
authentication/authorisation caches in sunrpc as used by nfsd. That
than having a delightful macro that defines a function of a particular
type of cache, the functions are coded on a more traditional manner
using library routines.

This will hopefully make the code more maintainable.

This series should not effect the functionality at all -- except maybe
to fix some very minor bugs

This is against 2.6.16-rc5-mm2 and is NOT suitable for 2.6.16, but maybe for .17
(though holding it back to .18 wouldn't be a big problem if any issues came up).


[PATCH 000 of 14] knfsd: Introduction
[PATCH 001 of 14] knfsd: Change the store of auth_domains to not be a 'cache'.
[PATCH 002 of 14] knfsd: Break the hard linkage from svc_expkey to svc_export
[PATCH 003 of 14] knfsd: Get rid of 'inplace' sunrpc caches
[PATCH 004 of 14] knfsd: Create cache_lookup function instead of using a macro to declare one.
[PATCH 005 of 14] knfsd: Convert ip_map cache to use the new lookup routine.
[PATCH 006 of 14] knfsd: Use new cache_lookup for svc_export
[PATCH 007 of 14] knfsd: Use new cache_lookup for svc_expkey cache.
[PATCH 008 of 14] knfsd: Use new sunrpc cache for rsi cache
[PATCH 009 of 14] knfsd: Use new cache code for rsc cache
[PATCH 010 of 14] knfsd: Use new cache code for name/id lookup caches
[PATCH 011 of 14] knfsd: An assortment of little fixes to the sunrpc cache code.
[PATCH 012 of 14] knfsd: Remove DefineCacheLookup
[PATCH 013 of 14] knfsd: Unexport cache_fresh and fix a small race.
[PATCH 014 of 14] knfsd: Convert sunrpc_cache to use krefs
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