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SubjectRe: [NFS] [PATCH 000 of 14] knfsd: Introduction
NeilBrown wrote:
> The following series of patches changes the code for lookup up
> authentication/authorisation caches in sunrpc as used by nfsd. That
> than having a delightful macro that defines a function of a particular
> type of cache, the functions are coded on a more traditional manner
> using library routines.
> This will hopefully make the code more maintainable.
After looking over these patches, it appears there two 'minor'
things missing... comments and dprintk statements... :-)
Maybe I missed them, but out of all these 14 patches (i.e. basically
rewriting a critical part of kNFSD) not one comment or dprintk
as added....

Now I'm sure this is a much better design that the previous one,
(i.e. hide sight is always 20/20) and I'm looking forward to
help iron out the nits... But without meaningful comments and a way
to turn on a _few_ well placed "I failed here" type of debug
messages, the design really doesn't matter since the maintainable
has not improved... imho...

Secondly, In a number of places, mostly in the alloc routines and in
patch 006 there are if statements like:

+ if (ch)
+ return container_of(ch, struct svc_export, h);
+ else
+ return NULL;
the else is simply not needed... Plus adding a dprintk like:

+ if (ch)
+ return container_of(ch, struct svc_export, h);
+ dprintk("svc_export_update: returns NULL\n");
+ return NULL;
might make sense... assuming svc_export_update does not return NULL
99% of the time...


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