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SubjectRe: Kernel 2.6 SMP very slow with ServerWorks LE Chipset
Bob wrote:
> Hi I have a dual PIII Motherboard based on a ServerWorks LE chipset,
> the motherboard is from an HP Netserver E 800 which is a customised ASUS
> in UP config everything is OK in SMP the system slows right down, I've
> been searching and recompiling my kernel for days looking for the
> problem option without success, please help.

8< major snip 8< tactfully ignoring the self quote 8<

I'm going away tomorrow and won't be back until January, (though if
anyone has any bright ideas please post them now and I'll try them
tomorrow or in Jan) I'll resurrect this thread then.

As per Alan's suggestion I decompressed the kernel source tree with the
processes pegged to one CPU then the other, and as he predicted it took
vastly longer on one CPU than the other, but I don't know what that
implies, or how to fix it.

Arjan van de Ven Suggested I run the Linux-ready Firmware Developer Kit
on the machine, I've done that the results are here.

If you missed the thread (and with a high volume mail group like this
it's easy to do) it's available on the gooja

I really appreciate any help, I've got 3 big harddrives in this box
waiting to go into a RAID5 array to replace my ad hoc collection of
drives scattered around the network with a data on, most of it backed up
or replicated but some not, and as you can imagine I'm feeling a bit

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