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SubjectRe: Need to enable caches in SMP ? (was Kernel 2.6 SMP very slow with ServerWorks LE Chipset)
Jeff V. Merkey wrote:
> Alan wrote:
>>> As per Alan's suggestion I decompressed the kernel source tree with
>>> the processes pegged to one CPU then the other, and as he predicted
>>> it took vastly longer on one CPU than the other, but I don't know
>>> what that implies, or how to fix it.
>>> From the timing it sounds like one processor cache is disabled which
>>> is a
>> little peculiar to say the least.
> enable the L1 cache in the processor. BIOS settings, no doubt.
> Jeff

The very spartan Phoenix BIOS doesn't have any options to enable or
disable CPU Cache, which I know full well to enable, but it does have
something rather vaguely called "Memory Caching" the enabling of which
seems to have fixed the problem, it's strange it only disabled the cache
on one CPU and only under 2.6, I'll investigate more in January.

It's good to have the fix search able, this thread would have saved me
from making an ass of myself.

Thank you for your help.
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