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SubjectWindow scaling problem?

for some reason unknown to me, some TCP connections just hang or get
reset after some kilobytes have been transferred. I suppose it is a
router with broken window scaling, but I can not say for sure from
the tcpdump logs.

scp /home/jengelh/
also affects interactive ssh sessions.
After a few transferred kilobytes -- I rather suspect "a few
seconds" -- either spuriously disconnects with a "Connection reset
by peer" or just hangs.
Expected result:
Continue operation.
Logs: sender side receiver side glimpse of topology

(There is a TCP FIN/RST at the end of atw.txt, which is when I hit
Ctrl+C to stop the (hung) scp.)

What puzzles me is that line 230 of ahn.txt shows a RST, while
there is no TCP RST sent in atw.txt. On top of that, the "R
889945325:889945325(0)" looks quite out of order.

When setting up a VPN over UDP tunnel (using vpnc) to our exit node,
connections seem to be fine. I hence suppose to be
the culprit.

If anyone could take a look, I'd be grateful. Kernel currently
running is, but I have seen this with 2.6.17 I was running
two months ago too, so I do not suspect a kernel bug.

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