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SubjectRe: Window scaling problem?
On Sun, 10 Dec 2006, Jan Engelhardt wrote:

> for some reason unknown to me, some TCP connections just hang or get
> reset after some kilobytes have been transferred. I suppose it is a
> router with broken window scaling, but I can not say for sure from
> the tcpdump logs.

I observed the exact same behavior on a client's network not too long ago
which used a Cyberguard firewall as a NAT gateway. I didn't have time to
fully look into it but disabling TCP window scaling in Linux allowed me to
work without problems.

> If anyone could take a look, I'd be grateful. Kernel currently
> running is, but I have seen this with 2.6.17 I was running
> two months ago too, so I do not suspect a kernel bug.

I saw this with kernels v2.6.16, v2.6.17, and v2.6.18. Windows XP however
didn't seem to have any problems. So unless Windows doesn't have window
scaling on by default (or uses a workaround) it could be a broken kernel.

Wish I could be more help...

- C.

"There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt
to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission."
-- The Outer Limits

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