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SubjectRe: RFC: OSS driver removal, a slightly different approach
Krzysztof Halasa wrote:
> Adrian Bunk <> writes:
> Turtle Beach, I think it's newer than (at least the original) GUS.

Makes me sad to see this one get so stale. The Fiji and Pinnacle
cards sounded really good and had excellent noise characteristics for
their period of manufacture. The ALSA driver (not in the kernel tree)
has never worked for me; xruns like crazy during playback, apparently
due to a different buffering approach (aimed at lower latency) from
the OSS driver. But support has suffered ever since 2.6 landed. I
opened a bug on the OSS driver (
ages ago and it never really went anywhere. Last time I tried the OSS
driver (even with the fixes mentioned in bug 1709) it didn't work at
all, and so I gave up on using my Fiji with newer kernels. I have a
friend who even wrote his own pndsperm firmware to handle AC3 digital
output from his Multisound card (though he was never happy with the audio
quality). Anyway, if some attention is given to the ALSA msnd driver
again I'd be happy to test.
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