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SubjectRE: ipw2100: firmware problem

> > It thing of Mute in ALSA is stupid. If you want Sound, you
> install the Sound
> > and enable it. Why would it make you google for more things
> to do? ALSA mute
> > on install is WAY way, not OK.
> It took you 10 minutes of googling before you thought to try
> the mixer?
> Sorry dude, this is PEBKAC.
> Lee

Riiiight. It could be. Or it could be that no where in the world I have seen
something where the device would be disabled by default without notifying
the user. Why would you Mute the driver? Is the driver that bad, that the
developers would rather Mute the sound card, just in case if the sound cards
starts making noises and shit when the driver is loaded?

You are moving to another topic. Let's drop it.


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