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    SubjectRe: RT and Cascade interrupts
    lau den 28.05.2005 Klokka 13:48 (-0400) skreiv john cooper:

    > The other possibility to fix the original problem within
    > the scope of the RPC code was to replace the bit state of
    > RPC_TASK_HAS_TIMER with a count so we don't obscure the
    > fact the timer was requeued during the preemption window.
    > This happens as rpc_run_timer() does an unconditional
    > clear_bit(RPC_TASK_HAS_TIMER,..) before returning.
    > Another would be to check timer->base/timer_pending()
    > in rpc_run_timer() and to omit doing a clear_bit()
    > if the timer is found to have been requeued.

    Could you please explain why you think such a scenario is possible? The
    timer functions themselves should never be causing a re-queue, and every
    iteration through the loop in __rpc_execute() should cause any pending
    timer to be killed, as should rpc_release_task().

    That's why we can use del_singleshot_timer_sync() in the first place:
    because there is no recursion, and no re-queueing that can cause races.
    I don't see how either preemption or RT will change that (and if they
    do, then _that_ is the real bug that needs fixing).


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