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SubjectRe: RT and Cascade interrupts
john cooper wrote:
> Oleg Nesterov wrote:
> > If you need to ensure that timer's handler is not running on any
> > cpu then timer_pending() can't help. If you don't need this, you
> > should use plain del_timer().
> That's not the goal of the timer_pending() usage here.
> Rather we're at a point in rpc_release_task where we
> want to tear down an rpc_task. The call to timer_pending()
> determines if the embedded timer is still linked in the
> timer cascade structure.

Yes, I see what you are trying to fix. However, your fix
opens even worse bug.

> If anyone with more ownership of the RPC code would like
> to comment, any insight would be most welcome.

Yes. Trond, could you please look at this thread: and put an
end to our discussion?

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