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SubjectRFC: Bug in generic_forget_inode() ?
Andrew, Kirill,

I have been investigating a panic on an IBM X255 machine (4 physical
processors, 8 virtual with hyper-threading, 24GB RAM). I have narrowed
this down to a race condition between isofs mount and kswapd. I believe
this race condition is associated with the generic_forget_inode() issue
that you discussed in your email exchange back in September:

Kirill Korotaev <dev@xxxxx> wrote:
> Hello,
> 1. I found that generic_forget_inode() calls write_inode_now()
> dropping inode_lock and destroys inode after that. The problem
> is that write_inode_now() can sleep and during this sleep someone
> can find inode in the hash, w/o I_FREEING state and with i_count = 0.

Although I have been testing with RHEL4 (2.6.9-5.ELsmp), I believe (by
code inspection) that the problem also exists in Linus' tree. I have
attempted to reproduce the problem with the 2.6.11 kernel, but I have
not succeeded in doing so - probably because of variations in low memory
usage, or timing differences...?

During the isofs mount, isofs_fill_super() allocates an inode and then
quickly frees it with iput (both cases are marked in the following code

* Read the root inode, which _may_ result in changing
* the s_rock flag. Once we have the final s_rock value,
* we then decide whether to use the Joliet descriptor.
----> inode = isofs_iget(s, sbi->s_firstdatazone, 0);
BC_LOG(1, 0xddddddd0, &inode, 4);

* If this disk has both Rock Ridge and Joliet on it, then we
* want to use Rock Ridge by default. This can be overridden
* by using the norock mount option. There is still one other
* possibility that is not taken into account: a Rock Ridge
* CD with Unicode names. Until someone sees such a beast, it
* will not be supported.
if (sbi->s_rock == 1) {
joliet_level = 0;
} else if (joliet_level) {
sbi->s_rock = 0;
if (sbi->s_firstdatazone != first_data_zone) {
sbi->s_firstdatazone = first_data_zone;
"ISOFS: changing to secondary root\n");
BC_TAG(1, 0xddddddd1);
----> iput(inode);
inode = isofs_iget(s, sbi->s_firstdatazone, 0);

generic_forget_inode() is eventually called (within the context of
iput), the inode is placed on the unused list, and the inode_lock is

kswapd calls prune_icache(), locks the inode_lock, and pulls the same
inode off of the unused list. Upon completion, prune_icache() calls
dispose_list() for the inodes that it has collected.

generic_forget_inode() calls write_inode_now(), which calls
__writeback_single_inode() which calls __sync_single_inode().
__sync_single_inode() panics when attempting to move the inode onto the
unused list (the last call to list_move). This is due to the poison
values that were previously loaded into the next and prev list pointers
by list_del().

I initially thought that I might be able to fix this particular case by
removing the two lines of code below (delineated with the
FIX_INODE_PANIC constant). However, I believe that even if this didn't
break other code, it is not a complete fix, because __sync_single_inode
will eventually put the same inode on the unused list, the inode_lock
will be dropped, and you essentially have the same scenario:
generic_forget_inode() will cause a panic when calling list_del_init()
for this inode.

It seems to me that there needs to be a flag associated with the inode
(or the superblock?) that prevents kswapd from selecting this inode. Or,
since at this point the problem is specifically related to isofs, maybe
the isofs_fill_super() logic should be changed?

I would appreciate any suggestions for how this can best be fixed - or
if you have a fix in mind, I would be happy to test it (in the context
of the 2.6.9-5.ELsmp redhat kernel).


- Russ

static void generic_forget_inode(struct inode *inode)
struct super_block *sb = inode->i_sb;

if (!hlist_unhashed(&inode->i_hash)) {
if (!(inode->i_state & (I_DIRTY|I_LOCK)))
list_move(&inode->i_list, &inode_unused);
#endif /* FIX_INODE_PANIC */
if (!sb || (sb->s_flags & MS_ACTIVE))
write_inode_now(inode, 1);
if (inode->i_data.nrpages)
truncate_inode_pages(&inode->i_data, 0);

- Russ

Russ Weight
IBM Linux Technology Center (LTC)
(503) 578-3461, T/L 775-3461
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