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SubjectRe: RFC: Bug in generic_forget_inode() ?
Russ Weight <> wrote:
> generic_forget_inode() is eventually called (within the context of
> iput), the inode is placed on the unused list, and the inode_lock is
> dropped.
> kswapd calls prune_icache(), locks the inode_lock, and pulls the same
> inode off of the unused list. Upon completion, prune_icache() calls
> dispose_list() for the inodes that it has collected.
> generic_forget_inode() calls write_inode_now(), which calls
> __writeback_single_inode() which calls __sync_single_inode().
> __sync_single_inode() panics when attempting to move the inode onto the
> unused list (the last call to list_move). This is due to the poison
> values that were previously loaded into the next and prev list pointers
> by list_del().

It's not clear what the actual bug is here. When you say that
__sync_single_inode() panics over the list pointers, who was it that
poisoned them? dispose_list()?

Certainly isofs_fill_super() could trivially be rewritten to not do the
iget()/iput() but we should be sure that that's really the bug. The inode
lifetime management is rather messy, I'm afraid.
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