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    SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] "iswraid" (ICHxR ataraid sub-driver) for 2.4.29
    Martins Krikis <> writes:

    > I do realize that Intel should have asked a long time ago for it
    > to be considered for acceptance (I did ask back in October for
    > 2.4.28).

    Sorry about all the noise, but I just remembered some other important
    aspects that played a role here.

    Intel couldn't really ask for the inclusion of iswraid into the tree
    much earlier than October because iswraid depends on either ata_piix
    or ahci, both part of libata. Libata was included in 2.4.27, ata_piix
    in 2.4.28, ahci in 2.4.29.

    So I first asked for iswraid to be considered during 2.4.28-pre3 stage.
    I was told that it's almost being released and that I should wait
    for 2.4.29. There was also a discussion about whether it even belongs
    or whether dm belongs more. With 2.4.29 I forgot to remind everybody
    to look at iswraid and when I did it was too late for 2.4.29 and
    Marcelo asked Jeff to review it for 2.4.30-pre1. (And thanks for
    your support, Jeff.)

    In short, I only first asked for it to be included with 2.4.28, but
    I could not have done it earlier than that anyway because drivers it
    depends on weren't yet in 2.4.

    Martins Krikis
    Storage Components Division
    Intel Massachusetts

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