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SubjectRe: 4GB memory and Intel Dual-Core system
"Alejandro Bonilla" <> writes:

>> so there is no way to give me back the "lost" memory. Is it possible
>> that another motherboard might help?
> AFAIK, No. AMD and Intel will always do the same thing until we all move to
> real IA64.

IA64 inherits this part of the architecture from x86, so no magic fix.
This is a fundamentally a chipset limitation, not an architectural bug.

rev-E amd64 cpus from AMD all have memory hoisting support,
as do all server chipsets from Intel for the last several years.

To avoid this you just need a good chipset and a good BIOS implementation.
Any recent server board should be fine. Hopefully the desktop boards
will catch up soon.

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