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    SubjectRe: APM realy sucks on 2.6.x
      Hi again

    Thanks for the hint on device_suspend (realy !! gives me a starting point
    for debugging.

    Pavel Machek wrote:
    > Hi!
    >>>>I'm really willing to help the APM developers to track down this bug
    >>>>but don't have a clue how to debug this kind stuff.
    >>>What APM developers? There are none as far as I know.
    >> Hmmm ... So once again the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus :-) ?
    >> At least a
    >> grep '<.*@' /usr/src/linux-2.6.6/arch/i386/kernel/apm.c | sed 's/.*<//' |
    >> sed 's/>.*//'
    >> gives me:
    > ...
    >>This is pretty much for no one. And I guess you knew since you're on
    >>the list yourself. But I think you're right when meaning
    >>that there is not much of active maintenance anymore. Which at
    >>least I find a little bit discouraging when looking of the state
    >>of the ACPI support.
    > Yes, that's pretty much what I meant. ACPI has ~5 people actively
    > working on it, some of them probably full-time. That's a lot of
    > manpower, compared to APM.

    This becomes a little bit scary. Someone else on this list already
    mentioned that there is a strong movement towards everything which
    is at least a desktop/server machine. And on the other hand there are
    these embedded systems which seem to be attractive for linux to.

    ACPI seems to be nifty for such things like hardware monitoring and
    stuff. That makes it interesting for servers etc...

    Everything in the middle (aka laptops) seems to slowly drop out of the
    loop. PCMCIA seems to be another ugly example. Anyway ... I'm not frightened
    by this manpower. Just want to have my laptop running 2.6.x and suspending
    to RAM. I'll do my very best and report back if there are any significant

    > And ACPI is in pretty good state, btw, unless you want
    > suspend-to-RAM. Unfortunately you want suspend-to-RAM.
    >>>Try removing calls to device_* in apm.c. Better yet become APM
    >> It seems like I'm on my way to do so (still reluctantly). As I stated
    >> in my previous mails I'm not born as a hardware/BIOS hacker (more the
    >> application C++/Java stuff) but I'm willing to learn. When I'm
    >> grown up I definitely want to be linux kernel hacker :-) ...
    >> Currently I ripped down the 2.6.6 kernel to almost nothing
    >> and add one module after the other checking for proper
    >> suspend/resume behavior....
    >> The most suspicious candidates on my list are currently the
    >> USB-UHCI driver and the ALSA sound system, which is my #1 candidate
    >> since it has not been an integral part of the 2.4.x (x<=20) kernels.
    >> So if anybody out there could give me guidance on how the apm code
    >> might interact with the ALSA sound system it would be highly
    >> appreciated....
    > device_suspend() will propagate all the way to alsa.
    > Pavel

    Dr. Sebastian Kloska
    Head of Bioinformatics
    Scienion AG
    Volmerstr. 7a
    12489 Berlin
    phone: +49-(30)-6392-1708
    fax: +49-(30)-6392-1701
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