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SubjectWhat if?

Hi All,

Firstly I have read the FAQ. So though FAQ answers my question, it
does so only partially.

"What if Linux were to be implemented in C++?"

I realize most of the unhappiness lies with C++ compilers being
slow. Also the fact that a lot of Hackers around here are a lot more
familiar with C, rather than C++. However other than that what are the
_implementation_ issues that you hackers might need to consider if it
were to be implemented in C++. My question is regarding how will kernel
deal with C++ doing too much behind the back, Calling constructors,
templates exceptions and other. What are the possible issues of such an
approach while writing device drivers? What sort of modifications do
you reckon might be needed if such a move were to be made?

Imanpreet Singh Arora

Even if you are on the right track you are going to get runover if you just sit there.
-- Will Rogers

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