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SubjectRe: What if?
Jan Engelhardt <> said:
> Imanpreet Singh Arora <> said:
> > Firstly I have read the FAQ. So though FAQ answers my question, it
> >does so only partially.
> >
> > "What if Linux were to be implemented in C++?"

> To quota Alan Cox (IIRC): "Been there, done that, threw it out".

Not really. There was support to compile Linux using g++ for a C compiler
some time back (because of better (at the time) type checking), the result
was horrible (mainly due to compiler bugs, IIRC). The gain wasn't near
worth the pain.

Rewriting Linux in C++ means fundamental redesign(s); as mentioned, the VFS
would become a class, as would the driver interfaces, and much more. The
object model inside Linux is sufficiently different from C++'s that it
would be a _huge_ job. And pointless, you'd just get Linux as it stands
today, and loose many current developers (due to unfamiliarity with C++).
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