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SubjectRe: Tasklet usage?
Pierre Ossman wrote:
> My driver needs to spend a lot of time inside the interrupt handler
> (draining a FIFO). I suspect this might cause problems blocking other
> interrupt handlers so I was thinking about moving this into a tasklet.
> Not being to familiar with tasklets, a few questions pop up.
> * Will a tasklet scheduled from the interrupt handler be executed as
> soon as interrupt handling is done?
I don't _think_ they are guaranteed to be executed immediately after the
interrupt handler top half is complete, but they will execute before
the next return to user space (read: they will complete before user
processes run again).

> * Can tasklets be preempted?
A tasklet can get preempted by a hard interrupt, but tasklets run in
interrupt context, so don't do anything in a tasklet that can call schedule.
> * If a tasklet gets scheduled while running, will it be executed once
> more? (Needed if I get another FIFO interrupt while the tasklet is just
> exiting).
IIRC, a tasklet will execute once for every time tasklet_schedule is called.


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