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SubjectRe: 2.5/2.6 PCMCIA Issues
Misha Nasledov wrote:
> I am attaching the dmesg output after booting 2.6.0-test2; this does
> not include the insertion of the Orinoco card as the console freezes
> immediately after the event. I inspected my logs after a reboot and
> there were no messages whatsoever regarding the event of the insertion
> of the Orinoco card.

Can you try with PnP and the i82365 support _disabled_. I find this sequence
very suspicious:

Intel PCIC probe: PNP <6>pnp: Device 00:17 activated.
invalid resources ?
pnp: Device 00:17 disabled.
not found.

and I bet it messes up some of the register state that the yenta probe had
just set up.

You should try with just CONFIG_YENTA - the 82365 stuff is for the old
16-bit only controllers.

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