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SubjectRe: Can't read fan-speeds from i2c
Stian Jordet wrote:
> I have a Asus CUV266-DLS, which uses the as99127f chipset. Everything
> seems to work as it is supposed to, except for fan-speeds. They say 0.
> Is that supposed behaviour since the as99127f doesn't have any
> datasheets, or am I doing something wrong?

Have you tried adjusting the fan divisors (fan_div* in
/sys/bus/i2c/devices/*)? Keep multiplying the fan divisor by two, and
check the fan_input* devices-- you may have slow fans (or divide-by-two
speed sensors), and you might need a longer sampling interval to see the
lower speed.

Another option is to start the Windows monitoring program, perform a
warm reboot into Linux, and use i2cdump to see how they configured the
registers. Be sure to prevent your i2c drivers from loading, as a number
of them initialize the chips to default settings.

Charles Lepple <!clepple>

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