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SubjectRe: Ingo Molnar and Con Kolivas 2.6 scheduler patches
On Thursday 14 August 2003 04:01, George Anzinger wrote:

> >>Well said :)
> >
> > Actually, I didn't really consider that list of straw man arguments to be
> > worth commenting on the first time around. (I thought he was being
> > sarcastic...)
> Well, I think he was too, but I am trying to say (as I think you are
> too) that it is not far from being a realistic goal.

2.5 already seems to be scheduling better for me, although I'm still mostly
running 2.4 on my new laptop until I figure out how to properly configure all
the new hardware. (APM suspends, and then never comes back until you yank
the #*%(&# battery. Great. Trying it with the real mode bios calls next

> As to timing, I just changed ISPs and was off line for a few days...

I got caught in a downpour with my laptop in my backpack, and didn't realise
the water resistant coating on my backpack had worn away until I turned the
thing on and the display shorted out. After two days of drying out, the
display was still screwed up, so I just bought a used thinkpad (iseries 1300,
quite a nice little machine) and swapped the hard drive and some ram from my
old toshiba. (Kudzu actually did something useful for once. :)

I think I've figured out why X is giving me an 800x600 window on a 1024x768
display screen (with a big black border). Why XFree86 freezes the box solid
for ten seconds at a time while KDE is probing the hardware devices, that I
don't know. (Google suggests the USB is funky. I'll see if 2.5 fixes it,
all I know of 2.5 on this box is that it booted to text mode and then shut
down again ok...)

I'm likely to be a bit distracted for a while yet, not counting catching up,
being out of town for a weekend, and of course the fall semester starting in
two weeks. Luckily, they make caffeine for just such occasions...

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