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SubjectRe: APM and 2.5.75 not resuming properly
On Saturday 16 August 2003 10:29, Jamie Lokier wrote:
> Rob Landley wrote:
> > (APM suspends, and then never comes back until you yank the #*%(&#
> > battery. Great. Trying it with the real mode bios calls next
> > reboot...)
> Similar here. Using 2.5.75. APM with no local APIC (kernel is unable
> to enable it anyway).

I'm still trying to get 2.4.21 to work on the new hardware before tackling
2.5. I think I've written off APM as a lost cause for the moment, though. I
need to catch up on some real work for a bit, but I'll probably see if 2.5 is
also horked on monday.

My problem is that although the drive spins down, the cpu fan goes off, and
the monitor goes black, the little "I am sleeping" moon shaped light never
lights up. (And the "I am running off of battery" light never goes off.)

Once it's in this state, there's no way to get the sucker to wake up. I've
pressed every key, and fn-every key, and the power button (repeatedly), and
the special function keys, and the "thinkpad" key (whatever that's for...)

If I hold the power button for ten seconds, the thing will fully power down,
so that if I press it again it'll reboot from a cold start. I suppose this
is an improvement over popping the battery to get it out of "brick" mode...

> It suspends. On resume, the screen is blank and the keyboard doesn't
> respond (no Caps Lock or SysRq).

If I could get it to resume at all, life would be good.

> 2.4 APM works great.

Not for me. Still fiddling...

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