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SubjectRe: APM and 2.5.75 not resuming properly
On Sat, 16 Aug 2003 15:29:33 +0100 Jamie Lokier <> wrote:
> Rob Landley wrote:
> > (APM suspends, and then never comes back until you yank the #*%(&#
> > battery. Great. Trying it with the real mode bios calls next
> > reboot...)
> Similar here. Using 2.5.75. APM with no local APIC (kernel is unable
> to enable it anyway).
> It suspends. On resume, the screen is blank and the keyboard doesn't
> respond (no Caps Lock or SysRq). Occasionally when it resumes the
> keyboard does respond, but the screen stays blank. At least it is
> possible to do SysRq-S SysRq-B in this state. Sometimes, if I'm
> lucky, I can make it reboot by holding down the power key for 5 seconds.

I may have missed somthing, but let me ask anyway: What laptop? Have you
tried switching to a text console before suspending? Have you tried
Options "NoPM" "True"
in the ServerFlags section of your XF86Config?

Stephen Rothwell
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