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SubjectRe: [patch] SCHED_SOFTRR starve-free linux scheduling policy ...
On Sunday 10 August 2003 07.43, Nick Piggin wrote:
> Roger Larsson wrote:
> >* SCHED_FIFO requests from non root should also be treated as SCHED_SOFTRR
> I hope computers don't one day become so fast that SCHED_SOFTRR is
> required for skipless mp3 decoding, but if they do, then I think
> SCHED_SOFTRR should drop its weird polymorphing semantics ;)

After some tinking...

Neither SCHED_FIFO nor SCHED_RR should automatically be promoted to
SCHED_SOFTRR in the kernel.

* If a process knows about SCHED_SOFTRR it should use that.
(example: arts should use SCHED_SOFTRR not SCHED_FIFO)
Problem: what to do when compiling for UN*Xes that does not have SOFTRR.
[Is there any other UN*X that have something resembling of this? What do
they call it?]

* Cases where the code has not been modified should be handled by a wrapper
(library). setscheduler is a weak symbol isn't it?


Roger Larsson
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