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SubjectNetGear WG602 Linux Source Code?
Hello all,

I have one of these little NetGear WG602 access points which I can
telnet into, and it is running a version of Linux (2.2.14 from Jungo).
Since this is a fairly neat little box, it has enough RAM and Flash to
perhaps support extensions, I thought I'd ask them for the source to
their kernel & the other GPL elements in there and see if I could get
own kernel running on it.

I don't need the driver for the wireless card since it was already
released (it is the Intersil Prism GT, some support for which was
announced a few days back). I don't really care too much about the
LEDs and the button (which they have LKMs to support). All I'd really
like is the kernel source, and perhaps some information on the layout
of the flash (though I'm willing to work that out for myself if need

Problem is that they don't answer their emails. I've tried the support
email (got a ticket number, but nothing else), and also I tried
emailing all the executive staff (guessing at the addresses based on
the format, so perhaps they didn't get the
message, but I never got a bounce report). What else can I try?


PS I checked out the Jungo site too, but they don't have a
downloadable version of OpenRG either as far as I can see. They do
have a "design example" page all about the NetGear box though at so it is
public knowledge that Linux is inside this box.

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