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Subjectseqlock/unlock(&xtime_lock) problems cause keyboard, time skew problems
Since 2.5.60 my thinkpad keyboard repeat rate has been erratic when
started up on battery power; plugging into AC after startup only makes
it worse. Starting up on AC is fine. Compiling without apm in any
form is fine.

I posted on this a month ago and noone had solutions although I got
several emails from folks with similarly afflicted machines.

Since then I've noticed that I also get a bad time skew, with the
system clock jumping forward.

I'm pretty sure the problem arose with the introduction of the
seqlock/unlock interface to protect xtime_lock instead of a regular rw
lock. Short of trying to back the whole thing out, does any one have
similar observations, suggestions, solutions?

Jerry Cooperstein, Senior Consultant, <>
Axian, Inc., Software Consulting and Training
4800 SW Griffith Dr., Ste. 202, Beaverton, OR 97005 USA
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