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SubjectRe: seqlock/unlock(&xtime_lock) problems cause keyboard, time skew problems
Jerry Cooperstein wrote:

>> Does this notebook vary the clock rate? If so then using TSC for
>> time of day clock is probably a problem. Try booting with notsc.
> I tried booting with notsc, the results were:
> for kernels through 2.5.63: kernel panic on boot, message saying pentium+
> requires tsc
> for 2.5.64, 2.5.65: no failure, but no help.

Check the boot msgs. You're kernel is compiled w/ CONFIG_X86_TSC, so it
should print a warning as such stating it is ignoring the notsc option.

Try compiling the kernel for i386 and the kernel then boot w/ notsc. Do be
warned, if you're running w/ an i686 compiled glibc your box will hang
after the "Freeing unused kernel memory: " msg.

Another thing to check is if the lost-tick compensation code is biting you.
Try commenting out the "detect_lost_tick()" call from timer_interrupt() in

Let me know if that changes anything.


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