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SubjectRe: Promise FastTrak TX4 losing interrupts (with apic mode)
On Thu, 6 Feb 2003, AU wrote:

> Try to boot with apic=no or acpi=oldboot
like i do now with append noapic, it works ok

did some more tests today :
plugged the fasttrak tx4 into 3 different machines
all smp (dual p3/dual p2/dual xeon)
with all i get lost interrupts

if i boot with noapic problem is solved

(tried updating the bios for the promise, but doesn't help)

looks like there is really something wrong with the (bios?) tx4

i have 3 of these cards here
putting 2 together in an mainbord also doesn't work (then the tx4 bios is
complaining about no assigned irq)

and if i use 1 card in a system, i always have to press 'esc' to continu
after the bios tells me there is no array

i really think i should have bought the highpoint 4 port cards :(
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