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SubjectRe: Why is Nvidia given GPL'd code to use in closed source drivers?
OoO En cette aube naissante du samedi 04 janvier 2003, vers 07:55, Bob
Taylor <> disait:

>> Inaccurate though it is, our enemies sometimes call us Communists.
>> Perhaps because Communism is easier to attack than our real views.

> The former Soviet Union *was not* a communist system. Look up
> their *full* name. Your views are Socialist pure and simple.
> Didn't work for them. Sadly for you neither can you.

The former Soviet Union _was_ a communist system, whatever the full
name was. Keywords of communism are collective propriety and class
abolition. Everyone gets a work, everyone is paid the same amount. All
these are not relevant for socialism (it may have been revelant
hundred years ago and it may be the reason of the name, communism was
initially a strong and extremist form of socialism). Moreover, today's
European communism is just a strong form of socialism without these
two dogmas (in France, none of the communist aspirant pushed one of
these in the latest presidential elections).

Many Europeans country are controlled by a socialist government
(France was socialist until 2002, Germany is still socialist, UK is
socialist [definitely not capitalist], etc). None of them stated that
we have to give work for free. Your conception of communism and
socialism is probably wrong.

At least, I see absolutely no link between socialism and free software
or GNU. I suppose you have a strong example which will tell us why you
say that RMS' views are just socialism.
-+- Bart Simpson on chalkboard in episode BABF10
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