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SubjectRe: [BENCHMARK] ext3, reiser, jfs, xfs effect on contest
> compiling the kernel (or anything for that matter) isn't going to
> show any difference really because the CPU Mhz and L1/L2 cache
> are the bottleneck.
How about a test comprising of lots of mail being
Usually SMTPs like postfix store lots of directories and files in there.
And thus create lots of reads/writes. We could measure the efficiency of
I think it is possible to DoS a system by thrashing its i/o by forcing the
smtp to do lots of work. With very poor io efficiency that is.

Propably reiserfs would have better results with such a test, whereas
ext3 could have better results on a differents test. (different

I think the 'best result' fs will vary on the test.
Also i think it is better to testdrive the file systems using real
applications on high load.

Maciej Soltysiak

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