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SubjectRe: [PATCH] data logging patches available for 2.4.21-preX
Chris Mason wrote:
> Hello all,
> I've updated the data logging patches to 2.4.21-pre3, once the suse
> mirror is done updating, you can download them from:
> Changes:
> mount -o remount can switch between data modes.
> transaction overflow bug fix (BUG in journal_mark_dirty)
> fix for -ENOSPC hang when the block size < page size (ia64, alpha)
> integration with akpm's b_journal_head code from -ac. Should make it
> possible for these patches to work both on vanilla kernels and Alan's
> branch. I haven't tried this yet though, so testers would be
> appreciated.
> commit_super is now sync_fs
> I had to rework some of the data=ordered buffer handling code to merge
> with the changes in 2.4.21-preX, so use some caution with this code.

Hello Chris,

as always very nice work!
I have it now running fine on top of 2.4.21-pre3-jam3 (2.4.21-pre3aa1).
Some fiddling was necessary but went smooth after all.
My /home partition is mounted with -o data=ordered and the performance is
great. Sorry, no real benchmarks, yet.

But some question stay open:
Where is 01-akpm-sync_fs-fix-2.diff and 01-iput-deadlock-fix.diff?
Isn't it needed anylonger 'cause you merged them and SuSE's ftp isn't updated
yet? All files are the "old" one's from 15. January.

What about patch-2.4.20.rfs.06.05-transaction-overflow-fix-0.diff?
Should I put it on top, too?


Dieter Nützel
Graduate Student, Computer Science

University of Hamburg
Department of Computer Science
@home: Dieter.Nuetzel at (replace at with @)
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