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SubjectRe: v2.6 vs v3.0
Jochen Friedrich <> writes:

> Hi Andi,
> > Actually current IPv6 is stable and has been for a long time, it's just not
> > completely standards compliant (but still quite usable for a lot of people)
> For end systems (no router) with static IPv6 definitions this seems to be
> true. However, for machines which use autoconfiguration (stateless as
> there isn't a usable IPv6 capable DHCP server AFAIK) or act as routers,
> the current state of the implementation of the default route can best be
> described as buggy. (Autoconfigured machines seem to loose their default
> route after some time, e.g.).

Are you sure this is not related to the routing daemon or rdisc daemon you
use ? In the past when I had problems with lost default routes always such
a daemon was to blame.

> So IPv6 is returned by the resolver even though IPv6 isn't available in
> the kernel. The default of the resolver options should be dependent
> on the presence or absence of IPv6 in the currently running kernel IMHO.

Sounds more like an glibc issue. I would file a glibc gnats bug on this,
then it may even get fixed. The kernel has nothing to do with this at least.

> Finally, IPv6 sockets which also communicate over IPv4 using mapped
> addresses are considered bad nowadays ;-)


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