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SubjectRe: v2.6 vs v3.0
> > SCSI drivers can be a real problem. Not the porting of them, most of
> > that is _trivial_ and can be done as we enter 3.0-pre and people show up
> > running that on hardware that actually needs to be ported. The worst bit
> > is error handling, this I view as the only problem.
> And a long-standing one. This should have been fixed in 2.2, it has not
> been fixed in 2.4, it's much desired for 2.6 -- and people are going to
> point away from Linux (and expect Jörg Schilling speaking up again
> should 2.6 be released with what he considers broken API -- I cannot
> tell if all his items are right, but if a third of what he says is true,
> Linux SCSI is not in good shape).

As long as most of that bloke's argumentation strips down to "you don't do
it like everyone else [solaris/irix/whatever] implies you're bound to suck,"
nobody with a bit of sense is going to take him seriously regardless of how
much blah blah he posts on l-k.

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