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SubjectRe: XFS?
At 09:55 AM 9/11/2002 -0500, Shawn wrote:
>Which is why I pointed out that the issue at hand was not regarding the
>everything else, but in fact the actual filesystem support.

I was just trying to say that everything _appears_ to be on track from my
(remote) perspective. I've noticed no gripes from the XFS team, only
evidence that development continues. If there are 6 lines of generic code
changes left, that means a lot has happened.

>As far as why the rest is still pending, I was just offering ideas.
>A lot of this thread is advocacy as opposed to substantive conversation
>about the how and/or why/why not of inclusion of XFS into mainline.

Advocacy without technical meat sucks.

>Fankly, there is no /real/ answer except "Linus has not weighed in on
>the current question".

Hey, maybe he's trying to convince (blackmail;) them to port some bandwidth
guarantee stuff ;))))) (I hope that's enough smilies)

>I lost my ability to invest emotions in either side of huge kernel
>debates when the devfs and lvm wars happened.

I love it when the heavyweights square off (oooo:). Unfortunately, that often
leads to a bunch of dipsticks hollering "food fight!" ;-)


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