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SubjectRe: Censorship
From: "DervishD" <>

> Hi Matti :)
> >> Who is ''?
> > Smells of some M$ system -- which even isn't a subscriber
> > of linux-kernel list (at least with that name).
> > Perhaps some ISP ?
> Its MTA is IIS, so you are right, is a M$ system. And the name
> smells like an ISP. Just I don't know how the message got thru its
> system, my MTA sends mail directly to destination (that is, to vger).
> Maybe a subscriber is client of
> Raúl

All that aside it has been said that profanity is the effort of a
weak mind to express itself. Of course, I've demonstrated my own
weak mind from time to time. I just try to avoid having it
immortalized on the web somewhere. Imagine an prospective employer
making a quick search for a background search. Good impressions do
help one acquire the jobs that allow us to continue this playing.


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