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SubjectRe: Censorship
    Hi jdow :)

>> Maybe a subscriber is client of
>All that aside it has been said that profanity is the effort of a
>weak mind to express itself.

Well, it may be true sometimes, but I don't think so. One nobel
prize in my country used 'gross language' to achieve expresiveness in
his books. Moreover, he sometimes used it just because it was the
correct word. In english 'dirty words' are not the same as in other
languages. In spanish, for example, we have a great set of dirty
words that means very complicated expressions. You wouldn't find a
clean word to substitute.

>I just try to avoid having it immortalized on the web somewhere.

Yes, let's have a 'clean web' through censorship. This is an
advance. And, oh, well, let's forbid too politically incorrect
language, and, why not? language that is pain for our ears (that is,
opinions against the 'mass'). Censorship is *never* well.

>Imagine an prospective employer making a quick search for a
>background search. Good impressions do help one acquire the jobs
>that allow us to continue this playing.

If an employer values more my language (or my look, so to say)
that my brain and capacity, I don't want to work for him. And I know,
believe me: if Alan Cox asks for a job (as a developer, for instance)
in some enterprises here in my country (just an example again) he
should have its hair cut and the beard removed, and better wear an
expensive suit (with a tie, of course). I, personally, add more value
to the things inside of the head than outside.

And people who gets hurt by dirty words as 'porn' (I include it
here just for having this message rejected too) has a very poor
tolerance to pain, I think...

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