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    SubjectRe: PATCH - mark 2: type safe(r) list_entry repacement: con
    On 24 Jul 02 at 22:38, Neil Brown wrote:
    > With the "typeof" suggestion from Kevin, I could just change
    > list_entry and not woory about the fact that lots of people use
    > "list_entry" for things that aren't lists.... but I didn't.

    is list_entry name really that bad? We have well established
    list_entry name since at least 2.2.0, and having two same functions
    with two different names will (IMHO) cause more damage than benefit
    from "clearer" name is.
    Petr Vandrovec

    P.S.: I converted whole matroxfb to use
    list_entry(xxx, struct matrox_fb_info, fbcon) instead of
    (struct matrox_fb_info*)xxx so that I can move fbcon field from
    first position in matrox_fb_info - so I'm personally interested
    in backward source compatibility.
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