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    SubjectRe: [patch] PIIX rewrite patch, pre-final
    On Thu, Mar 14, 2002 at 10:48:10AM +0100, Daniela Engert wrote:

    > >00..1f 586
    > >20..2f 586a
    > >30..3f 586b
    > >40..46 586b 3040 silicon
    > >Has a bug where the preq# til ddack# bit must be cleared or can cause
    > >spontaneous reboots.
    > >47..4f 586b 3041 silicon
    > True. I leave this particular setup to the BIOS which is supposed to
    > take care of such idiosyncrasies...

    Unfortunately not all BIOSes do. I have at least two reported buggy
    BIOSES which set the bit even on the 3040 silicon.

    > >> 0x3109 VT8233c x x x x x x x - -
    > >> 0x3147 VT8233a x x x x x x x x -
    > >>
    > >> known bugs:
    > >> - all: no host side cable type detection.
    > >
    > >Not true, for the UDMA100 and UDMA133 capable ones, there are defined
    > >bits in the UDMA_TIMING register. Not all BIOSes use those, though.
    > Interesting. None of the user reports ever indicated that.

    It's possible the BIOSes don't set the bits. My driver also checks if
    the BIOS enabled UDMA >= 44MB/s on these chips, assuming 80 cable as

    Anyway, the docs state the bits should reflect the cable presence.

    > >> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    > >> 0x10DE Nvidia
    > >> 0x01BC nForce x x x x x x x - -
    > >>
    > >> known bugs:
    > >> - nForce: no host side cable type detection.
    > >
    > >Do you have any info on this one? I'd really like to have a Linux driver
    > >for it ...
    > I have no docs, but my father's machine has this chip built in :-) My
    > driver is running it just fine. In fact, this is a clone of the ATA/100
    > capable AMD IDE chip cell with all config register addresses shifted up
    > by 0x10.

    Thanks for this info. :) I think I'll add the support to my AMD driver.
    Could you by any chance send me a PCI config space dump of the IDE
    controller there?

    > I'm looking forward to the new ATI chipset, let's bet where their IDE
    > cell is licenced from :-)

    I don't think it'll be Intel. I bet on VIA ...

    Vojtech Pavlik
    SuSE Labs
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