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SubjectRe: [STUPID TESTCASE] ext3 htree vs. reiserfs on 2.5.40-mm1
Hans Reiser wrote:

> Paul P Komkoff Jr wrote:
>> This is the stupidiest testcase I've done but it worth seeing (maybe)
>> We create 300000 files named from 00000000 to 000493E0 in one
>> directory, then delete it in order.
>> Tests taken on ext3+htree and reiserfs. ext3 w/o htree hadn't
>> evaluated because it will take long long time ...
>> both filesystems was mounted with noatime,nodiratime and ext3 was
>> data=writeback to be somewhat fair ...
>> real user sys
>> reiserfs:
>> Creating: 3m13.208s 0m4.412s 2m54.404s
>> Deleting: 4m41.250s 0m4.206s 4m17.926s
>> Ext3:
>> Creating: 4m9.331s 0m3.927s 2m21.757s
>> Deleting: 9m14.838s 0m3.446s 1m39.508s
>> htree improved this a much but it still beaten by reiserfs. seems odd
>> to me - deleting taking twice time then creating ...
> Can you send us the code so we can try it on reiser4? We are going to
> release reiser4 sometime this month (don't ask me when), and we'd be
> happy to see you run it when you do.


Sorry to list for bandwidth waste.

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