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Subject[STUPID TESTCASE] ext3 htree vs. reiserfs on 2.5.40-mm1
This is the stupidiest testcase I've done but it worth seeing (maybe)

We create 300000 files named from 00000000 to 000493E0 in one
directory, then delete it in order.

Tests taken on ext3+htree and reiserfs. ext3 w/o htree hadn't
evaluated because it will take long long time ...

both filesystems was mounted with noatime,nodiratime and ext3 was
data=writeback to be somewhat fair ...

real user sys
Creating: 3m13.208s 0m4.412s 2m54.404s
Deleting: 4m41.250s 0m4.206s 4m17.926s

Creating: 4m9.331s 0m3.927s 2m21.757s
Deleting: 9m14.838s 0m3.446s 1m39.508s

htree improved this a much but it still beaten by reiserfs. seems odd
to me - deleting taking twice time then creating ...

Paul P 'Stingray' Komkoff 'Greatest' Jr /// (icq)23200764 /// (http)
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