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SubjectRe: Hardwired drivers are going away?

On Mon, 14 Jan 2002, David Lang wrote:

> doesn't matter, they are likly to be found on dedicated servers where
> the flexibility of modules is not needed and the slight performance
> advantage is desired.
> making everything modular is fine for desktops/laptops but why should
> dedicated servers pay the price?

There should be no price. And AFAICS that's doable.

> autoconfig is supposed to be an option, not the only way to compile a
> kernel (or are you saying that you don't want to be able to use your 1.2G
> athlon to build the kernel for your 486?)

autoconfig is completely separate story. There are very good reasons to
avoid built-in/modular crap, regardless of the autoconf. Every #ifdef MODULE
is a bug waiting to happen - simply because the stuff gets out of sync.
Every place that consists of
is a permanent source of PITA for out-of-tree drivers/patch merging/etc.
And that's aside of the fun with ordering, etc.

If we can get rid of performance hit on modular code - we should go
for that variant simply because it reduces the amount of bug sources.

Autoconfig and other details of ESR's Aunt Tillie fetish belong to* - from time to time they may be amusing, but let's not
mix them with the technical arguments, OK?

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