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SubjectRe: Hardwired drivers are going away?
> > Urban legend.
> I do not agree . Got proof ? Yes that is a valid question .

Most of the rootkit type stuff I see nowdays includes code for loading
patches into module free kernels. Its a real no win. The better ones support
regexp scanning so they can patch kernels where the sysadmin thinks he/she
is cool and has hidden or crapped in

> > > case becouse the system can't know where the module will be located IIRC)
> > I defy you to measure it on x86
> OK ,How about sparc-64/alpha/ia64/... ?

Not generally found in your grandmothers PC

> > > 3. simplicity in building kernels for other machines. with a monolithic
> > > kernel you have one file to move (and a bootloader to run) with modules
> > > you have to move quite a few more files.
> > tar or nfs mount; make modules_install.
> Please my laugh'o meter is stuck already . Sorry . JimL

Then fix it, because the above works well. Also remember that autoconfig
tools won't be able to guess remote machines very well 8)
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