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SubjectRe: New generic HDLC available

Are there any news about the inclusion of these changes in the kernel?

Best regards,


Krzysztof Halasa wrote:
> Hi,
> I've put new experimental version of my generic HDLC code on
> ( )
> Currently supported (hw drivers) are C101 and N2 (untested) boards.
> Protocols supported:
> - X.25 and PPP (via X.25 and syncppp routines)
> - Frame Relay (CCITT and ANSI LMI, or no LMI)
> - Cisco HDLC
> - raw HDLC (you can select NRZ/NRZI/Manchester/FM codes and parity)
> This version uses new ioctl interface. Comments welcome.
> No HDLC/FR bridging code yet. No Cisco LMI support (for FR) yet.
> No docs (except Documentation/networking/generic-hdlc.txt) yet.
> I'm thinking about implementing asynchronous HDLC driver.
> The patch has been generated against 2.4.4-ac6 tree. It should apply to
> pure 2.4.4 as well. Protocol support is now split into separate files
> hdlc_fr.c, hdlc_cisco.c etc.
> --
> Krzysztof Halasa
> Network Administrator


Daniela P. R. M. Squassoni
Software Engineer

Cyclades Corporation -
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