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SubjectRe: New generic HDLC available
On Thu, Sep 20,  Daniela P. R. Magri Squassoni wrote:
> Hi,
> Are there any news about the inclusion of these changes in the kernel?

I'd like to second the query. It's additional work I'd rather avoid to
have to track two versions.

> Krzysztof Halasa wrote:
> > The patch has been generated against 2.4.4-ac6 tree. It should apply to
> > pure 2.4.4 as well. Protocol support is now split into separate files
> > hdlc_fr.c, hdlc_cisco.c etc.

Patches don't work with 2.4.9-ac series kernels.
I've put an updated version against 2.4.9-ac10 in
if you'd like to grab that.

I notice you include patches for existing kernel drivers and since the
farsync driver is now in the 2.4.9 kernel would you like me to supply
you with patches for that ?

Bob Dunlop
FarSite Communications Ltd.
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