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SubjectRe: 2.4 broken on 486SX
By the way, I got this strange thing too but with
2.2.19. I got the kernel 2.2.19 source from slackware
site, compile it using gcc 2.95.3 and select CPU as
486, but the compiled image can not run in my 486 CPU
(it does run fine in the machine I compile it i686).
There is no way. Ironically 2.4.x works for me, if I
choose 486, I can run it on 486.

I noticed the differrence in the cflags in 2.2.19 it
is like -m486 -DCPU=i486 and in 2.4.x it is
-march=i486 instead of -DCPU=i486. According to gcc
documentation it is the same. Why it is like that ?


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