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Subjectsuggestions for new kernel hacking-HOWTO
Hi all,

I am considering putting together a new, more in depth kernel hacking

The existing HOWTO (by Rusty), although an excellent source of technical
information does not contain much practical advice on how to get

Therefore I would like to propose the following structure (for your

- Intro
- Who is this document for etc.
- Prerequisites

- Key Kernel Concepts
(placing these in a good order is important)
- virtual memory/memory management
- virtual file system/IO management
- process/scheduling
- contexts/interrupts/exceptions
- system calls/signals/IPC
- boot sequence

- Kernel source tour
What goes where in the source tree

- Tools
- source code navigation (lxr, cscope, tags)
- source code manipulation (vim, diff, patch, RCS/CVS)

- How do I... ?
- Print messages to kernel logs
- create a new module
- Add a system call
- write ioctls
- Add a /proc entry
- Write a driver for a new device
- Add an option to the kernel configuation

- Kernel Debugging
- A word on debugging
- Different approaches
- local running kernel
- two box debugging (I have already write a sort of mini HOWTO
on this, which can be found at
- Setting up
- hardware
- software
- Preparing the source
- Example debugging session
- Troublshooting

- Kernel Profiling
How to find bottlenecks

- Hacking Tips
- Avoiding deadlock
<add to this list!>

- Books


- Links

- where to get help
- mailing lists
- irc

- references

I'm interested in hearing from seasoned kernel hackers (on what
should/shouldn't go in this HOWTO) and newbies (what is particularly
puzzling or not clear when setting out), hence the cross posting of this

I do not have all the know how/experience required to write this
document single handed, so I am also looking for willing volunteers to
contribute their expertise/know how/tips and to proof read/make
suggestions as the document progresses.

My website ( will serve as a base for this

best regards,


PS. Please post general discussion back to the list(s) as appropriate
and post specific ideas/requests to my personal address only. Thanks :)

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