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Subject3C905b partial lockup in 2.4.5-pre5 and up to 2.4.6-pre1
I have tried 2.4.5-pre2 up to 2.4.6-pre1 with the same results.  Everything boots 
great and I can login fine. When I try to assign an IP via DHCP or ifconfig, the system
sits and stares at me indefinitely. 2.4.5-pre4 didn't compile for me, but pre3 works fine
and pre5 locks. There is keyboard response, and Alt-SysRq will tell me that it knows I
want it to sync the disks, but won't actually do it. It will reboot, though. I can switch
between terminals, but cannot type anything at the login prompt.

The board is a Abit KT7-RAID. I have waited to see if this issue has been resolved and
will recompile the newer kernels (AC and Linus flavours) to see if it has cleared up, but
wanted to see if maybe there is something else I should look at. I can provide any more
information that might help, so please let me know. Thanks in advance.

Glenn C. Hofmann
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