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SubjectNWFS Submitted to Alan Cox


I would like for you to take over NWFS if you are willing. I have dissolved
TRG as a Utah Corporation and I am now focused on a variety of projects
for various clients related to Linux development. Novell has recently
threatened to try to take my house and assets if I post any more
NWFS releases or MANOS.

I am doing very well with my consulting projects, but to be honest,
my family has sufferred horribly in the past four years fighting with
Novell every other week, and there's a very strong chance I will be
moving shop to either New Mexico or Arizona, since they own the
local courts here in Utah (all the judges are mormons in Utah Valley
and pro-Novell).

There are several areas that need restructuring and work, and I am
available to answer questions, and assist with technical consulting,
but I can no longer post releases of NWFS on Linux. My children
need a house over their heads, and I believe what Novell says about
taking it and putting us out on the street. They are wounded in the
market, and very dangerous at present, so I am trying very hard to
stay out of their way. If you choose to decline, it's up for grabs
with whomever else wants to take it over, but you have first dibs.

If you elect take it over, I will have my attorneys prepare an
agreement transferring legal ownership to you. I will retain M2FS
and the clustered versions, since I have a clients abroad who want this
technology, and it does not utilitze any NetWare specific technologies.
I would also retain IP rights to NWFS to use future incarnations in
products should I set up in another state.

I do not want to see NWFS fall by the wayside and not get supported,
so I would really like it if you would be willing to take it over
and get it 2.4 clean.

Please advise,


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