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SubjectRe: Microsoft and Xenix.
On Saturday 23 June 2001 10:07, Rob Landley wrote:
> Here's what I'm looking for:
> AIX was first introduced for the IBM RT/PC in 1986, which came out of the
> early RISC research. It was ported to PS/2 and S/370 by SAA, and was
> based on unix SVR2. (The book didn't specify whether the original
> version or the version ported to SAA was based on SVR2, I'm guessing both
> were.)

You are partially correct. AIX (Advanced Interactive eXecutive) was built
by the Boston office of Interactive Systems under contract to IBM. We had
a maximum of 17 people in the effort which shipped on the RT in January

Prior to that time, Interactive Systems had produced a port of System III
running on the PC/XT called PC/IX which was sold via IBM. I used PC/IX to
produce the software only floating point code in the first version of AIX.

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