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    SubjectRe: static scheduling - SCHED_IDLE?
    On Fri, Mar 09, 2001 at 09:09:13PM +0100, Jamie Lokier wrote:
    > Rik van Riel wrote:
    > > > Just raise the priority whenever the task's in kernel mode. Problem
    > > > solved.
    > >
    > > Remember that a task schedules itself out at the timer interrupt,
    > > in kernel/sched.c::schedule() ... which is kernel mode ;)
    > Even nicer. On x86 change this:
    > reschedule:
    > call SYMBOL_NAME(schedule) # test
    > jmp ret_from_sys_call
    > to this:
    > reschedule:
    > orl $PF_HONOUR_LOW_PRIORITY,flags(%ebx)
    > call SYMBOL_NAME(schedule) # test
    > andl $~PF_HONOUR_LOW_PRIORITY,flags(%ebx)
    > jmp ret_from_sys_call
    > (You get the idea; this isn't the best implementation).

    A few months ago, I implemented preemptible kernel threads (locally; I
    tend to think the other patches are superior). Part of the changes was
    to separate schedule into __schedule() (common part), schedule_user()
    (automatic schedule from entry.S) and schedule() (manual schedule in
    kernel space); besides making what Jamie proposed easier, we can also
    save a few cycles in the (common) schedule_user case:

    - we never release the kernel lock
    - we can pass current to schedule_user
    - we just handled softirqs

    this is 2.5 material though ...
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